You’ve talked to specialists, researched medications, made charts and schedules.
You’ve done everything they say to do when your child has ADHD…but nothing has worked.

And it’s likely because living with ADHD requires more than a one-size-fits-all approach.
It requires more than a negative,

It requires a unique, personalized, way of understanding your child’s individual symptoms, challenges, and behaviors; one that empowers you and your child to take back the reins, turn chaos into calm, and thrive your way.

So if you’re ready to find the best way to turn your struggle into success, if you’re ready for a program that is strength-based instead of deficit-focused…

You’ve come to the right place.

Because this is what ADHD SOS is all about. It’s a digital, educational program designed to enable parents to help their children develop skills and strategies to tackle everyday instances at home, school, or in social situations—those minute by minute, common occurrences that people without ADHD take for granted.


Finding a holistic how-to that goes beyond medication, school, or home and instead focuses on the big picture and includes all the little details in the process.

Seeing ADHD in an entirely different light.

Finally getting an answer to the stress that comes with handling your child’s emotional outbursts, academic challenges, and social mishaps.

Discovering a place where all of the strategies you’ve been trying to master come together.

Accessing the “what if” life that you’ve almost stopped daydreaming about.

Partnering with a genuine, honest, expert voice that will enable, empower, and cheer you on.

Watching your child thrive in ways you never thought possible.

Establishing (or reestablishing) a renewed, functional, happy family dynamic.

Letting go of perfectionism.

What it is + What you get

ADHD SOS is parental skills training. It will arm you with tools and success strategies so that you can help your child flourish. Thanks to technology, the program is delivered on demand, allowing you to access it online at any time. It’s broken down into 8 modules that teach you to identify what exactly is happening with your child and how to overcome the obstacles that are keeping them (and you!) from thriving.

The nuts and bolts of ADHD SOS are interactive with a variety of formats that include videos, audio files, transcripts, fillable handouts, as well as a workbook to keep all your insights, action plans, and activities all in one place, and help you stay on track. Upon registration you'll also receive access to our private Facebook group to facilitate discussion.

All your questions will be answered in one place.

What You'll Learn

What you can do as a parent so that your child becomes confident and thrives at school, at home, and in social situations.

How to help your child let go of limiting beliefs that are not serving his or her highest good.

How to create methods of everyday functioning that make life easy—yes, easy!— for you and your family.

The best way to motivate kids to actually want to do things like homework and clean up (no magic or wizardry involved).

How to coach your child to handle their difficult emotions without losing your head or your mind.

The unique ways your child learns best and how to implement those techniques.

Real, holistic information and skills on understanding ADHD through its lifespan—how it shows up and what to do about it.

How to finally communicate effectively with your child.

Seriously effective behavior-management techniques.

What Your Child Will Learn

How to get homework done and handed in—on time.

How to stop procrastinating and get to action.

Techniques to manage long-term assignments.

Methods for getting started on difficult assignments.

The tools to getting—and staying—organized.

The ins and out of time management.

The art of setting priorities, including daily, weekly, and long-term goals.

The importance of identifying, and building on their strengths

Their role and accountability in family dynamics and social situations.

Becoming aware of self-defeating behaviors

How to regulate their emotions such as anger and frustration.

Social skills to manage sticky interactions.

How to reframe situations, thus changing their experience of it.

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ADHD SOS Digital Program $397

Course includes 8 modules on demand (video, transcripts, audio), lifetime access, printouts & worksheets, private facebook community, live office hours & all the updates. Complimentary sanity included.

A Bit About the Woman Behind ADHD SOS

Martha Alvarez is a family therapist, wellness coach to children and families and mother of three who is passionate about enhancing the emotional well being of children, adolescents, and families.

As the founder of Miami PsychCenter, Martha has worked collaboratively with parents, teachers, counselors, and community leaders to ensure that struggling youth have the greatest possible chance for a successful life. She believes that all children have the ability to move from surviving to thriving on their journey towards adulthood when they have the proper guidance along the way.

Martha has been highly regarded for her therapeutic work with children and adolescents and for her solutions-focused approach that fosters personal resiliency, as well as her dynamic groups and workshops that are filled with love, laughter and learning.

Martha earned her psychology graduate degree, specializing in family therapy and is licensed in Florida, yet her ultimate training- involving both great pride and humility- comes from raising her three children in the urban jungle of Miami, Florida. With a multi passionate personality, she enjoys nothing better than time spent discovering places off the beaten path, creating culinary delights, or just relaxing with friends and family.

And now, an overview of the modules

Want to get a feel for what we will be covering?
Below is a brief outline and overview of what you can expect to learn.

(Not including fun, surprise bonuses of course)



You, Me, and ADHD

The first module is all about discovery. You will explore the areas of strengths and deficits in your child and your family. You will gain clarity on what’s working and what’s not and shift your mindset to support your goals as you develop strategies to help manage ADHD.



Inside the ADHD Mind

We’ll cover all of the nitty gritty about the nature of ADHD—including comorbidity, how it shows up and how it influences your life as well as your child’s. We’ll explore the importance of a comprehensive or multimodal approach to treatment and discuss the role of medications and how they affect brain chemistry.



Emotions + Expectations

This module is all about deciphering emotions, expectations, and what triggers them. We will explore how emotions and expectations influence relationships. You will learn how to help your child manage their emotions, increase their self esteem, and reframe situations so they can better connect with other people and build strong, healthy, rewarding relationships.



Lifestyle Hacks

We will be exploring lifestyle basics like nutrition, exercise, and sleep and how critical their role is in your child’s well-being. You will learn how to incorporate mind-body interventions throughout the day, get answers to the pros and cons of medication, and review alternative and complementary therapy options. Ooh! and we will also discover ways to weave FUN through all of it.



Systems that Work

Dig into the organization side of your life and discover how to create systems that make life easy. You will uncover the importance of zones, routines, planning and time management so that things don’t end up getting lost, forgotten or undone just because there was no guide in place.



The Power of Learning Styles

This module will give you a real grasp on learning styles and how they impact processing, behavior, and attitude. Learn about visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and combination learning styles and what they mean for your child and family. You will discover your child’s best learning style and how to implement it, not only at school but also in everyday life.



The Art of Relating to Others

Relationships are all about connecting. In this module, you will learn the importance of interactions and how we gain and share information with others as we communicate. You will learn about verbal and non- verbal communication as well as feelings and perceptions and how they influence communication styles. We will explore your family’s dynamics as well as your child’s intrapersonal and interpersonal skills and share tips so that communicating with others becomes easy.



Behaviors - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

You are going to gain some serious parent management training. You will be guided in techniques and strategies that you can use to influence your child’s behaviors. We will review principles of behavior and create interventions that emphasize positive reinforcement and take into account the role of antecedents, behaviors, and consequences. We will explore how these strategies can be used across different settings and most importantly how they can help your child make better choices

Things people say

Any time anyone asks me where to go for therapy for ADHD, only one name comes to mind, Martha Alvarez. She is very caring, professional and one of the best therapists I have come across in over 25 years as a psychologist.

Hilda Lopez, Ph.D

Martha, thank you so much for helping us. XXX is like a different child. It has taken a lot, but he is finally off Concerta and doing so much better at school. It's wonderful to see him smiling again


XXX has been getting invited to a few parties and has his first date for junior prom. Martha, you have been incredible. Thank you.


She has been sleeping through the night. We've had stress free mornings since she started the regimen you recommended


XXX is doing a lot better. During the last 2 weeks there has been zero fighting in our house. He really looks happy. Thank you so much!


XXX is very happy! Thanks again for everything, you are God sent and we appreciate you very much.


This is the program that will completely transform the way you
and your child view ADHD from...

setback to strength
enabled to EMPOWERED
helpless to HAPPY

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ADHD SOS Digital Program $397

Course includes 8 modules on demand (video, transcripts, audio), lifetime access, printouts & worksheets, private facebook community, live office hours & all the updates. Complimentary sanity included.

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